EFac7075 Seeking your help for a Charity helping Sri Lankan Poor and Children

Dear Batchas

I will be volunteering to travel to Sri Lanka with Sandy puc’s video production team to produce a fund raising video for Clarendon Foundation based in Los Angeles. The foundation support poor Children in Sri lanka.

Sandy Puc organization is donating the resource to produce the video. The foundation is seeking help to cover the basic cost for travel and lodging for the video team.
Here are some of Sandy’s videos produced for other charities.
http://www. sandypucphotography.com/ giving-back

Below is a link to the foundation website
http://www. clarendonfoundation.org/

All the governing body members are volunteers and every penny collected is used to help foundation projects.
Please help by clicking on the Yellow button. Any amount is much appreciated. The donation is tax deductible for US residents.

Thanks in advance

Nimal P


Use this link if above does not work



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