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Hi Mano,

Very exciting. I am also for enjoying the intensity of the present and looking forward to the future.

I retired in January 2018. I am now playing duplicate bridge (very serious stuff) in local clubs during day time, playing badminton 3 days a week in the evening and life is intense and busy indeed. I study bridge during other days and my wife is getting sick and tired of seeing bridge books all over the family room.

My wife is still working and a bit jealous of my life (hey, that is life. Haha!). We also have three grand children and we travel to see them (all are in North America). We are going to Connecticut next Thursday for one week to visit our grandson and daughter.

All of us are in our late 60s. I want to meet all my batchas before it is too late. Life is finite and anything can happen any time. So, if you can make it, it will be fantastic.

I am all for the trip from Fort to Peradeniya by train. Being a social animal, I will go with the crowd after that.

I will wait until our guys finalize the option and based on that, let us see what else can be done on the first day.

Walking to one of the women’s hall is a good idea. However, please realize that no one is going to look at you or me. If they do, it will be to ask themselves “what are these old fossils doing here?”. Haha!

See you soon, if not in 2020.

Send me your phone number. I will call you. Mine is 651-248-7088


On Thursday, April 4, 2019, 11:58:51 PM CDT, mano@manoharan.net [EFac7075] <EFac7075@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

Hi Paski,

Thank you for keeping the spirit rolling.
As you say, the future looks shorter than the past but what I enjoy is the intensity of the future compared with laxity of the past.
That train trip from Fort to Peradeniya is exciting; We should carry a battered Suitcase too to recreate the journey we made 50 years ago, with a few pieces of clothing, a Slide Rule and the box of precision drawing instruments, that battered text book on Thermodynamics or similar and a couple of courseworks (sure we can borrow some from the Brightas who will still be hanging on to them) and the little bag of milk toffee which your mother slipped in the Suitcase, surreptitiously, and don’t forget your Gym shorts and Badminton Racket.
If the Podi Menike is going to Badulla, it will proceed in the loop at Peradeniya, stop for a few minutes behind EFAC and shunt behind to Peradeniya Station. Maybe, as we always do, jump off the train when it halts behind EFAC.
On day1, after the ceremonies in EFAC, we should take a walk towards Kandy along Kandy Rd and have hoppers and plain tea in the kiosk at Getambe (opposite Kingswood College), pass through Mulgampola and hit a movie in Regal Theatre (the ticket for the gallery which is the first few rows near the screen was Rs 0.55cts; wonder how much it is now?).
On day 2, as there is resistance to my proposal to climb Hantane, suggest we make it an ‘Open Day’. Arrive at EFAC in the morning and then we are set free the only mandatory activity being the walk across the bridge over Mahaweli from EFAC and once you reach the other side, you are set free.
There are many options once you are set free; (1) walk to Sangamitta, Ramanathan or Wijewardane Halls (2) walk down Lover’s Lane, holding hands (don’t forget the Umbrella), (3) walk to the Chapel (4) spend time in Arts Fac Library or (5) climb up the hill to Hindu Temple passing through Mosque and Buddhist Temple (This is my preference as you get the best views of the University from the top and it is known as the Haran Snell walk).
At the end of the day, we meet in Kandy and compare notes !!
I hope this inspires many.
Kind regards,


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