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I think you wanted to say ARIGNAR meaning learned/knowledgable/educated



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Dear Upali

There was a chief minister in Tamil Nadhu called Ariyar (means Sage) C N Anna Thurai. He has numerous records on this. Even pope talked to him several hours in Vatican (C.N Annadurai – Take off with Natarajan)

C.N Annadurai – Take off with Natarajan

Posts about C.N Annadurai written by natarajan

. He died around 1968.

He was the one avoided ABCD in 100 continuous words but he started from one to ninety-nine and then said stop for a challenge given to him.

He was challenged to use because continuously three times with meaning. He said, no sentence can end because, because, because is a conjunction. C. N. Annadurai Quote

C. N. Annadurai Quote

No sentence can end with because because, because is a conjunction

He once said, even jasmine in any enemy’s garden had the same smell as those in anyone garden and requested to respect the statements even it came from enemies. In another time, when he was bullied by one American what he knew about UNO. He told that guy, you know, I know UNO. But you know more than I know. Another time, opposition said sorry and then he said, I am not a lorry to carry your sorry.

There are over 100 which I read in 1967 when ha became the Chief Minister of Madras state in 1967. Anyone may search using C N Anna Thurai and get those riddles.



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Thanks for the suggestion – I have two grandsons and I might challenge them with this riddle when they are old enough (the older one is still only 5), Sivapalan

On 6/6/2019 2:51 AM, Upali Vandebona wrote:

Hi Sivapalan

I came across 1 to 100 milked nicely in a novel by Lee Child. Don’t remember the name of the book, perhaps someone else may remember. For those who have not read the book, the hero of his stories Jack Reacher, brings up a question about how to keep talking for one minute without a single word having the letter A, to pass the time because because someone was stuck with him in a long car journey. Author reveals only in the last page. Some thing like, "Let me count one to hundred one, two, three………" It will easily keep the counting person talking for few minutes depending on the speaking speed. The first A is in 101.

You may use that riddle to challenge a grand child or two. They may google it though, the modern way.



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Dear Suthan

Happy Birthday – even though in the USA June 6 still has not dawned.

Thanks Upali for that riddle – although I figured it half way through when you mentioned "youngest" in our batch and "student rep"


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Wish you a happy birthday (tomorrow 7 June) and bless you with many happy returns Suthan.

German calls six as sex. Base 10 of the numbering system is your 10 fingers (use to fold and count).

Number has numerous tricks as championed by Indians including some Indian (origin) maths professor in Perth.

You can count 100 words from zero to 99 without ABCD. You may find more about numbers by searching

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s Contributions in Mathematics. Indian-Australian wins ‘Nobel prize of mathematics’

Indian-Australian wins ‘Nobel prize of mathematics’

India-born Professor Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the prestigious 2018 Fields Medal, described as the Nobel…

Indian-Australian wins ‘Nobel prize of mathematics’

India-born Professor Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the prestigious 2018 Fields Medal, described as the Nobel….



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Hello everyone,

The following is a little story made up to spread some trivia from bits and pieces found in my inbox.

All this began with a terrible blunder I made a previous year on a 7th of June (day after a day like today, or two days after if you are in Americas), in an email greeting to our youngest batch-mate.

Me: Hi, 7th June today. Happy Birthday. How old are you now?

Reply: It was sex of the sex! NOT seven!!

Me: Oops…

Reply: Remember s## of s##! And it will be double s## in 2019!!

Anon1: Spirit is willing! Flesh is something else..

Reply: Also note the numbers in 2019. They add up to s## plus s##. Weird.

Anon1: That means all of us in our batch are over 66 on this day. No more double six.

Ranjan: Reaching 66 on 6-6-2019, makes it an auspicious day.

Mervyn: I Agree, and watch for the big one in year 2619. Look at digits of that year adding to 6 plus 6 plus 6.

Anon2: Magic continues. When he is 6666 years of age, it will be the year 8619. And the sum of digits that year is 6 and 6 and 6 and 6.

Unhappy: Who cares? Tell us who is the guy? Or gal.

Ranjan: I remember his smiling face standing in front of the class in our first year as our batch rep.

Anon3: With due respect, you call that a hint? Ah, I got it, so it is a ‘he’, Thanks.

Anon4: Because he is 66 in 2019 you know he is born in 1953.

Reply: Not helpful! There were so many born in 2013.

Anon5: Not that many. At one stage we counted. There were 11 birthdays in 1953 in our batch. Two of them shared the same birthday, in March I think.

Anon3: Twins?

Anon5: I don’t think so. I think they were not even in the same lab group.

Mervyn: I can remember there were few of our batch born in 1953. Most of them had at least one parent who was a teacher at a school.

Anon3: And we had to wait for the school admissions age.

Mervyn: I remember that 666 is mentioned as the Devil’s number in the Holy Bible and other ancient literature. Sadly our batch cannot reach that many years. For ancient people it was a big deal if a child could age beyond 6 years 6 months and 6 days.

Anon3: I googled the Devil’s number. Further searching, I found that 666 is also the sum of squares of the first seven PRIME numbers, i.e. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 13 each squared.

Anon2: I googled the present 66. That also plays with prime numbers. In number theory 66 is a sphenic number, a number of the family of whole numbers that can be reached by multiplication of three PRIME numbers. 66 is the third sphenic number.

Anon4: Talking of the devil, the name of the birthday boy is an anagram of ‘haunts’.

Boothaya’s friends: Is he Boothaya (Translation: Slang for ghost, a nickname of a different batch-mate) then?

Anon4: NO! You are joking right? Anagram is a word made by reshuffling letters of another word. The name must contain all English letters in the word ‘haunts’.

Anon5: 1953 is an interesting birth year. When they entered the university they were 17 years old and the digits in that year 1970 added up to 17. And that coincidence repeated every year till 1979 when they became 26 years old. Then the current shape of numerical coincidence started happening once they became 50 years old in 2003. There are many years since 50 years of age that the sum of digits of the year and the sum of digits of the age are same. Of course 2019 is only one of them for anyone born in 1953. Every decade between 50 and 100 years of age has 7 such years, for those people. If you are not born in 1953, cannot play that number game.

Anon1: Are you born in 1953 or have too much time to waste playing with numbers?

Anon5: Sadly no, I am from an earlier year. We simply do not have much time left to waste like those ‘Bada Pissas’. (Translation: Bada Piissa in words is ‘stomach cleaner’ a slang for last born in a family, meaning the person has cleaned up the womb).

An Ausie: I saw this in a newspaper. “In 2019, Queensland celebrates its 160th birthday on Thursday 6 June’.

All from southern states of Australia: Who cares?

A Queenslander: Not happy, guys!!!

Batch70-75: Come on, be happy everyone. From all of us, Happy Birthday Suthan.

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