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Thilakaratna was an old Thomian. He was opposed by ‘Aachchi’ Withanachchi, who was an old Royalist. While Thilakaratna was athletic (he was in the right team), Aachchi had an artistic bent and his room was artistically decorated. He was the author of the title of the Gauge, the ESU newssheet.

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I recall him campaigning for the post of ESU President, and I registered in my mind that he was from Royal College since a few from Royal College in our batch visited us to make a supporting pitch. I did not know that he resigned from that post, but I was there at the Auditorium when he offered to resign several times while many from his batch expressed strong support for him. I do not recall what led to that situation, but the uprising came from a group which was not from his batch. – Mervyn

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Lakshman (Lucky) Tillekeratne was the ESU President in our 2nd year at EFac. Towards the end of the academic year, he resigned his post; I do not recall the reasons for his resignation.

If I remeber right, he was a rugby player as well.


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