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Prof. J.A. Gunawardena went to Mahinda College Galle for his High School. My A Level chemistry teacher in Mahinda College once told me there was no teacher to teach the class (must be for physics) during that time. So he studied the subject

reading the books and finally got a Distinction.

He was a brilliant man, with his own personality, like anybody else.

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Dear Sarath

He has another reputation. Dr Shanmuganatahn (Civil, fluid) was the batch top and he was second in the list. However, he got scholarship first to do PhD. He refused to

accept until Dr Shanmuganathan got his scholarship. This incidence raised him to the top.

Of course, his course was only for intelligent people (computer science). He is a very kind person in private life. He is a brilliant person. Santhiran (IBM) was his batch

mate and that allowed him to get good deal for IBM 1130 for our faculty.

His contributions to us as well as faculty was immense and unmeasurable.

Let his soul rest in peace.



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Because of him we learnt to study things on our own and gained a lot of self confidence that way. He had a way of challenging students to achieve. He was different to us after

we passed out. I met him last near the jet engine at the entrance to the faculty when I visited the faculty few years ago.

May he attain Nibbana.

– Sarath

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