How to join EFAC7075 Yahoo Group

If you have a Yahoo email address, go to Step 2.

If you do not have a Yahoo email address, go to Step 1 first and then to Step 2.

There are two key steps for doing this:

  • Establish a Yahoo ID and a Password (Please note this is not a Yahoo email address)
  • Submit a request to join the EFAC7075 Yahoo Group

STEP 1: Establish a Yahoo ID and PW

First, you need to obtain a Yahoo ID. This is done by first going to the login screen at the for your location (For Australia Next, click on the Sign up link at the bottom at:“Don’t have an account? Sign up”

Enter your info on the next screen as shown below on left:

Yahoo Gp Image 1

You will then see a new screen where you are required to enter a Verification Code. The Verification Code should already have been sent to your email address.    At this point, leave the Yahoo screen open and open a new window and login to your email account and jot down the Verification Code.

Go back to the Yahoo screen and enter this Verification Code.   This essentially completes your process to obtain a Yahoo ID and PW using a nonYahoo email address.  Next, you will see a Welcome to Yahoo Mail screen – as shown next.

Yahoo Gp Image 2

Our advice is that you DO NOT select any of these providers (even if you currently have a @gmail or @hotmail account), as the Yahoo fine print concerns us (Yahoo hints that it might delete current emails in that providers email account). Therefore, it is best not to make a selection here and close this screen and go to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Submit a request to join the EFAC7075 Yahoo Group

 Open your browser and go to the EFac7075 Yahoo Group at:

Click on the Join Group button:

Use the next few screens to Sign-In with your new Yahoo ID (which is your NonYahoo Email address) and the Yahoo password you selected earlier.

Follow the screen prompts and submit your request to join the Group.

As soon as one of the Group Moderators (Senarath, Jayasiri, Mano or Josh) sees your request and verifies that you are in fact a member of our EFac batch, your request will be approved and you will be added to the Group.  If you use names in your email address very different from how you were known at EFac, it might delay the verification of your identity. In such a case, it would be helpful if you send a separate email to any of the moderators verifying your batchmate identity and mention that you have just applied to join the EFac7075 Yahoo Group.

As soon as your request is approved by a Moderator, you will receive an email from Yahoo Group Notification with the subject line “Request to join EFac7075 approved” and few key tips to get started.

If you already have a Yahoo Email address, you only need to follow STEP2.

Now you can visit the EFac7075 Group at: and Sign-In with your Yahoo ID and YahooPW and this will provide you access to all information at this website. You can customize your account by editing preferences using the “Membership” link on the left.

If you noticed any errors or want to suggest improvements for this write-up on how to join the Yahoo Group with a NonYahoo email address, please send them to me at:

Thank you.


March 14, 2019

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